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Company History

Centrally located in Columbus, Ohio for the past 24 years, the principals of Fine Aircraft Management represent a combined 80 years of experience, spanning virtually every aspect of Corporate Aviation. Experience in Fixed Base Operation management, aircraft charter, aircraft acquisition & sales, fractional ownership administration and aircraft management compliment their also being accomplished aviators in their own right.

Management Experience

Our key management represents over 80 years of combined experience that encompasses virtually every aspect of aviation services. Simply put, you can trust our experience.

Business Philosophy

The philosophy of Fine Aircraft Management is to provide highly personalized aviation services characterized by a meticulous attention to detail so as to build a long lasting, mutually rewarding association and client alliance.

Client Profile

Our clients are well established companies and/or individuals who recognize and value the expertise of Fine Aircraft Management, so that they can focus their attention on maximizing business productivity – or minimizing a golf score, whatever the case may be.

Our Approach – ‘Fine’ ly Detailed

While the coordinating and scheduling of trips, maintenance, crews and budgets are to be expected, Fine Aircraft Management’s attention to detail far exceeds that level of expectation. Our focus is to know the individual needs, wants and desires of our clients. This is one example of our meticulous efforts:  Each aircraft is stocked with the snacks, drinks, reading materials, personalized napkins and entertainment to the client’s specifications, and then we go one step further. Pictures are taken of where these items are stowed so our passengers and their guests know exactly where these items can be found.
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